January in pictures – Part Two

I’m still working on taking photos and trying to take at least one a day.

Fireplace stones. 12 January. Christina wrote a piece about stone collecting. She tells me that I’m doing it wrong because my stones are touching. I know I’m doing it wrong because some of that pile is driftwood and there’s some incense in there too

Fireplace Daffodils. 13 January. I’m quite taken with my fireplace.Coffee. 14 January. On the way to Watford to take the nephews out, coffee was required.View from Shepherds Bush Station. 14 January.  I feel like I should explain that Ma used to work in Shepherds Bush and we used to go there to watch football and the subways have always had the sheep that looked dated in the 80’s and even more so now.Oli and the ball pit. 14 January. He’s such a good boyJoe climbing. 14 January. Joe was up and down this a lot, look at that determination.Post childcare wine. 14 January. Much deserved, I changed 4 nappies in a two hour period.Daffodils. 14 January. There is something hopeful about a daffodil.Seeds. 15 January. It’s begun, this is the first batch, working out where they’ll go is another matter entirely.Cookies. 20 January. I had a rotten cold that week but I had promised the nephew cookies, so cookies had to be baked.Monopoly. 21 January. Oli’s favourite game.Silly. 21 January. Sometimes it’s difficult to see my brother as a responsible grown up, sometimes it’s hard for him to be one! Also look at Ben’s feet, bunions are a family thing.Dirty window. 21 January. On the way home from Ben and Laura’s new house.Worn. 21 January. I hardly ever get on a Piccadilly line train with empty seats, so I hadn’t noticed the wearing on them, like a spotlightPizza. 21 January. Fox on the allotments. 22 January. Bold, very bold.Broad beans. 22 January. It was too cold and frozen and wet to do much but I was happy to see that the broad beans were starting to come up. I hope the whether doesn’t do for them.Plot 186a in January. 22 January. It’s hard to believe that in a couple of months it will all be green and lush and there will be a shed.Foggy. 23 January. It was icy and foggy this week, I took a photo of the street every time I left for work!Christmas Tree. 23 January. I walk past this house on the way to the station and they still have their tree up! I wonder if their going all the way to Candlemas on 2 February?Late. 23 January. The first of many late trains this week, not a good start to the week. Flare. 24 January. The fog does strange things to the lightComfort. 24 January. Lunch to soothe and comfortimg_5851Fog redux. 25 January. img_5856-1Waiting for the train. 25 January. It was late and foggy. My morning this week were predictable.Slightly brighter. 26 January.  Less foggy, still dark.Leaving the house in daylight. 27 January. A Friday treatThe dog. 27 January. At Jane’s for a haircutPattern. 27 January. The lampshade was casting patterns on the wall.Coffee. 28 January. At Ma’s, this is the mug I always have.Sky from the bus. 28 January. I spend about 5 hours on or waiting for a bus this weekendMarmalade in the making. 28 January.Shred. 29 January. I started the marmaladeFirst batch. 29 January. 

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