Life Happened: Another cold and I’m quite grumpy about it.

I haven’t had the most successful week. It’s been ok, most of the balls are still in the air but I’m really bunged up, I’ve not spent much time in the office and I’m also really tired and lethargic…

So a day off for Ma’s birthday, we didn’t do what we’d planned to do because cold. Three days in the office, which was actually only two days of working because there were two work Christmas lunches, one that I organised. A meeting, which I need to write minutes for and an almost constant headache.

I’m not a happy camper, Joe is a happy soul even when he’s not well, I’m not. You can chart how good I feel by the lack of posting here…..I will get my mojo back soon!

So on Saturday, I did some Christmas shopping with Ma and then I painted on a happy face and when to Sarah and Justin’s for their annual chilli night. It was a filthy night…But the company was good and the chilli excellent. I caught Claire and Ryan taking their annual Christmas selfie (millennials….)Sunday was a quiet arsing about day (I read a book!)

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