Food and Budget Update: 03/12 to 09/12/2016

So last week I was a bit rubbish and that’s reflected in my food for the week.


Shopping came to £15.94 so over budget and I didn’t take a photo. Poor! I pretty much bought the usual things, eggs, cheese and vegetables


Saturday eating was bacon sandwiches for breakfast and Pizza Express for lunch and then no more food for the rest of the day…

Sunday was Ma’s birthday so there were gin and tonicsLeek, anchovy and goats cheese tarts with new potatoes and spinach (ma’s request)and puff pastry mince pies!Monday breakfast was toast and jam, lunch didn’t happen and dinner was mushrooms on toast.Tuesday breakfast was fruit (pineapples and pomegranate), lunch was hummus and vegetables, dinner was rice and all the vegetables (tomatoes, aubergine, leeks)Tuesday and Wednesday I continued with fruit for breakfast and was out to lunch on both days. That was lots of food, so I didn’t get to dinner on those days…

On Friday, I worked from home, I ate fruit for breakfast and mash and carrots for dinner (I know but there was veg so it’s gonna have to do!)





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