Life Happened: Into November

This was the first week after the clocks went back. I always find this difficult but it was easier because I was ready for the week, the flat was tidy and I’d reminded myself of the things that help which boil down to be organised, get to bed at a decent hour, take a multi vitamin and go outside at lunchtime. I did those things and it seemed not to be too bad, I am a bit gloomy and teary but better than expected.

So the week passed as the work week does, with work and trying to get enough sleep. I knew that I’d be out all day on Saturday, so did food shopping on Friday night and cleaned the fridge and bathroom because if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room!

So on Saturday, I went to Kensington to keep Christelle occupied while Mike had surgery. We went to the V&A and waited.img_5337 Although Saturday was not at all about me, it did drag up some November gloom that caught me by surprise. Basically it’s November and it was Kensington and hospitals and I just got taken back to waiting for Stef and how that felt. Fortunately, the news was good on Saturday and on Sunday morning, Mike was awake and although recovery will take a while, the news is all good.

On Saturday, I also found out that L broke three fingers in goalkeeping accident and Ryan was in hospital with a colitis flare up. November working it’s ‘magic’ again!

All of which is an explanation of why I needed some time on the allotment and the company of my mum on Sunday. We weeded and I admired my garlic.we finally cleared the courgettes and marigolds and there’s not much growing right now but you can see it all taking shape. The garlic and onions have started to come up, the raspberries are doing their thing as is my tiny little strawberry bed.The dill and coriander have set seed and are starting to die back.I really needed the couple of hours we spent there to centre me and get my head straight.

That done, it’s onto a new week. This week is busy at work (big meeting) and into another busy weekend!

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