Little Goals – November 2016

So November. Traditionally, I loathe November, it’s miserable and dark and my SAD really kicks in. I also had the best November ever last year because I was required by doctors to stay indoors and not overdo it. It was glorious, unfortunately I can’t have this November off so I need to grit my teeth and work out how best to get through it.

So first up the Thankful project. I stole this idea from Krissie, years ago and it’s always helped so I’m going to do it again this for this November. I’ve experimented with lots of ways of presenting it here and rather than have an entry daily or weekly, this year I’m going to have a separate page for this. I’ve already started so you can go and have a look!


No specific tasks, just staying on track and being mindful. More of the same, I have 2 birthdays in November (Oli and Christelle) and I’ll like to sort out presents for Ma’s birthday in December, this month.


Clear out the messy cupboard.It doesn’t look anything like this tidy now and I’m going to need to locate the Christmas decorations next month so I might as well declutter this space now!photo


Stretching. Every day because my knee is playing up again and it helps

Going for a walk outside in the daylight. It’s dark, I get SAD, I need to start a lunchtime walk habit.


Burn one of the piles of weeds and organise the compost area (yes I have an area, it’s a mess!).

New raised beds, order them and get them in place

Sow broad beans and poppies

Carry on with tidying the edges of the plot before we can’t work on the plot at all.

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