Life Happened: Pumpkins Exploding Everywhere

Last Monday marked a year and a day since my osteotomy, so on Monday 24 October 2015, I started the day about 8.30am, by moving from my bed to my sofa via a wash and a change of pyjamas. Yes, my foot was a bit ouchy but I still think that that was nicer than having to get out of bed in the dark at 6:30am and go to work!img_5199Having said that, the beginning of the last week was the first time I felt well and woke up knowing that everything was perfectly organised in about two months. Having a happy, productive weekend really does lift my mood.

Monday to Friday passed without much incident, I met Christelle and Mike on Thursday evening for a catch up. The last day of the work week dawned brighter than usual and for some reason I woke up convinced that it was November. November 28 will mark my fifth anniversary at work, but it wasn’t the 28 November on Friday, I was having a senior moment!img_5225 and there was a work fire drill on Friday morning.img_5226Friday afternoon is when things got really busy. I made cake, did both food shopping and monthly ‘I just got paid shopping’ and laundry and house cleaning.On Saturday, I decorated my plot with Halloween things…
img_5273and oversaw the ‘yucky dip’ and then the cake stall for the Halloween Pumpkin Trail, it was an amazing day, we had so many visitors and it’s reassuring to know so many people love the site and value it even if they don’t have a plot or aren’t on the waiting list..

On Sunday, I woke up at 7am, it was actually 8am but like a small child, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I arsed about at home, housework, changing all the clocks, food prep, repairing the shelves in the bathroom that were coming off the walls and finally getting around to removing all of the wax from the candles on the fireplace, it’s all looking very clean and tidy…
A late lunch with Ma and a trip to the allotments to take down my halloween stuff and pick up my cool boxes and collect possibly the last three courgettes from the allotment and that was Sunday done and I was ready to start the week again.

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