Food and Budget Update: 08/10 to 14/10/2016

It was a week of not being very well, but I still think I did alright for food. Mostly because I was home for most of the week. When I was off last year, I got into the habit of two meals a day and that’s still my pattern when I’m home. Aims for the rest of the month have got to be about using more of what’s in the freezer and I can see a shift as the weather gets colder and there’s less coming off the allotment.


img_5049All shopping this week was done at Lidl on Friday night and the cost was £8.53. Not pictured but bought later in the week was a fruit salad and two packets of pasta which came to £3. So the total for the week was £11.53


On Saturday we were in Watford with the boys. We had pesto pasta and garlic bread (Oli’s favourite food) for tea. (There was also pick and mix!). Joe had something that Lu had made for him (fish and squash) and breadsticks. The rule is that if you’re eating and Joe isn’t, he starts roaring his discontent, so half a breadstick keeps him occupied. Oli used to do this, I don’t understand babies that don’t eat, because we’ve never had them in our family, fussy eaters as they get a bit older, sure, but never a baby/toddler that doesn’t care about food!img_5059Oli and I made a loaf of bread on Saturday night, which was the basis of our bacon sandwiches on Sunday morning.img_5060-1I didn’t eat dinner on Sunday night, I did over the course of the weekend eat a packet of mini salamis. Living my best life right there.

On Monday I ate a fruit salad for breakfast and leftover pasta (from last week) for lunch.  Lentil soup was dinner. I toasted some seeds with balsamic vinegar and then added some chard as a topping. The chard (only a couple of leaves) and the spring onion were grown on the allotment!img_5069

Tuesday is when my asthma went bonkers. I didn’t eat breakfast and although I did eat lunch (beetroot, quinoa and goats cheese salad) I basically was coughing so much that I threw it up, I didn’t eat dinner because I was coughing too much.

Wednesday was a better day. Coughing was less (although the wheezing was not) and this was also the day I realised I had caught a cold! I ate pasta for lunch (the same as last week with the vegetables and yoghurt mustard sauce) img_5048Dinner was fishfingers and courgettesimg_5077On Thursday, I was still sick and ate leftover pasta for lunch and baked potatoes, chilli and broccoli for dinner (thank heavens for the freezer!)img_5078On Friday, courgette pizza and garlic bread.


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