Life Happened: Harder to breathe

Monday started with a trip to the doctors for a spirometry test. The good news is that I don’t have lung disease, but the nurse said that the results were classic asthma, my peak flow was lower than it ought to be and I needed to go back to the doctor to decide what treatment I needed. The next available appointment was 31 October!  My body had other ideas and on Monday night the asthma decided that it was not going to be ignored. On Tuesday, I arrived at work in a state, coughing and coughing and coughing. I spoke to the doctor on the phone and got a prescription for the asthma preventative and went home with the firm intention of working from home. Again my body had other ideas, asthma attack central. I was at one point considering a trip to A&E.

By Wednesday, I did do some work from home but not a lot, the wheezing was bad but the coughing was more under control. With hindsight, I can see that the asthma was set off by a cold, which came out in full snotty force on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Cue the rest of the week feeling rubbish and being in bed and stressing about how messy/out of control the flat and my life felt.

Ma came over on Friday and stayed. On Saturday, I left the flat for the first time since Tuesday to do some shopping and visit the allotment. Ma did a solid two hours of weeding and I collected produce and arsed about. I was in bed at 9pm because I am rock and roll.

On Sunday we went to Watford for Ben’s birthday lunch!That was fun but also quite tiring and I was in bed at 9pm on Sunday.

This week is looking much more prosaic. I have work (obvs), a new boiler being fitted, a team building afternoon and lots more sleep. Rock and roll!

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2 Responses to Life Happened: Harder to breathe

  1. plot34 says:

    The mark of a true allotmenteer – plotting while in the grip of a full-on cold. Respect! Hope you start to feel better this week.

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