Friday Links

Happy Friday!  I have limped through the week and am ready for if not a rest (we have the boys on Saturday!) then at least a change of pace! Here are this week’s links

This is about what happens after violence and the choice to forgive. It was hard to read but this is the best example of how faith isn’t easy but is worth it.

Christ Stoltzfus recalled the shock of the day 10 years ago when he, like the Fishers, had to deal with the news that one of his daughters was dead and one wounded. He too chose to forgive.

“But you see,” he said, “it’s a journey. I still made that immediate choice in principle. But it took me a few years until I could feel that I really meant it inside me, to forgive Charlie.”

How often should a reasonable person wash their bra? Now you know!

Why I love my polytunnel. A small polytunnel is on the allotment wish list for year 2, but I need a shed first!

This is about what is going on in the US at the moment but is, I think, applicable here too.

An easy guide to writing the great American novel. 

This on British values is spot on.

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