What I’ve Read – September 2016

Hadrian: Lord of Hope – Grace Burrowes (free)

Daniel’s True Desire – Grace Burrowes (library e-book)

Grace Burrowes is one of those authors that are easy reading for me although some books are better than others. I’ve already noted that if historical accuracy is important then Burrowes is not the author for you but I’m mostly able to switch my brain off to the modern sensibility of the books and the stuff that’s just wrong culturally. Both of these books are about men who are vicars and then not, one with a calling and one not. Anyway, I don’t think too deeply about them and that’s fine.

Playing It Cool – Amy Andrews (borrowed)

A friend had this and I borrowed, it was good while I was reading it, I felt maybe it needed some more room. I wanted to know more about the rest of the hero/heroine’s life. It was good, it just felt hurried.

Radio Silence – Alyssa Cole (borrowed)

Signal Boost – Alyssa Cole (borrowed)

Mixed Signals – Alyssa Cole (borrowed)

Borrowed from the same friend. I was reading these when my power went out, which was eerie! I enjoyed them, I liked that through the book you see that the world doesn’t get better instantly, the put me in mind of Susan Beth Pfeffer books, but with more romance and diversity.

The Year of the Crocodile – Courtney Milan (free)

I really liked this. It’s Courtney Milan, of course I did! I love Adam and I think I sort of know where this is headed but lets see.

Once Upon A Marquess – Courtney Milan (bought)

So from that to this. I loved the way the heroine had held everything together, I didn’t love the way she assumed she knew best without actually talking to her siblings, although that seemed to have been a family trait. Milan is dicking about with the real timeline her, which I am more than happy for here to do, her notes after the book are a thing of beauty and joy and the whole riff about punishment bread is hilarious.

Her Every Wish – Courtney Milan (bought)

This is a less light-hearted novella in the same universe. I enjoyed this more, if that was possible.

My True Love Gave to Me – Stephanie Perkins (borrowed)

I actually bought this for H at Christmas. It’s an anthology of short stories set around Christmas and H enjoyed it enough to give it to me to read! I devoured it and asked to borrow the next one….

Summer Days and Summer Nights – Stephanie Perkins (borrowed)

…set in Summer and I enjoyed that as well.

The Fifteenth Minute – Sarina Bowen (bought)

I liked this, all of the new adult college books have a air of unreality about them. Famous child movie star, check. But I liked the ‘issue’ of the book, that when the procedures for dealing with accusations of sexual assault are botched, it does a disservice to both parties and that sex in your late teens and early twenties is fraught with assumptions, mis-communication and sometimes, guilt.

Rookie Move – Sarina Bowen (borrowed)

This felt like an attempt to bring people from one series, into another and it was sort of successful. I don’t think that it handled the transition as well as it could. The hero and heroine felt sketched rather than finely drawn.

Sleepless in Manhattan – Sarah Morgan (present)

I like Sarah Morgan and am happy to read anything she writes. I liked this, I thought that the hero needed therapy and glad they had a happy ending.

Sunset In Central Park – Sarah Morgan (present)

Moving to this one, the heroine needed therapy, get over it for crying out loud. Still I read it in a day!

The Goal – Elle Kennedy (bought)

I loved this series and am sad to see it end. I’m generally not keen on secret relationships and accidental baby stories but I liked Tuck and Sabrina although he was a bit too perfect and she needed to learn to use her words. Nice last book, parenthood isn’t that easy!

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