Friday Links

Happy Friday! The first week back at work after a holiday is always tricky (well for me) I’m tired but less able to sleep, mostly because I need to adjust to being mentally instead of physically tired! Here are this week’s links.

Olympics. I can’t tell you how not interested in the Olympics I am but Andy Murray’s response to John Inverdale was brilliant!

Also while we’re on gaffes, Simone Biles has parents and she knows who they are.

And to anyone here because I share a name with silver medalist in windsurfing…..sorry!

Gruesome and fascinating. Why humans have periods

Last week was National Allotment Week. This is from the Guardian

How to make rich people pay more tax. I don’t object to paying tax, I do object to rich people and corporations not paying tax or being able to pick and choose how much they pay.

This is why people like Jeremy Corbyn. And this quote

“Is it fair that I should upgrade my ticket whilst others who might not be able to afford such a luxury should have to sit on the floor? It’s their money I would be spending after all.”

16 things learnt from Georgette Heyer novels. 8 (A man too frequently in his cups is more trouble than he’s worth) is spot on but my favourites are 3 (Don’t waste your time on a man who can’t handle his whip) and 10 (Manners matter, but reputations are overrated)

How to ripen tomatoes. I’m currently in a race with the weather and the blight, so I may need to start implementing some of these!img_4761-1



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