Courgette Pizza

I planted too many courgette plants this year. I knew going in that 6 was probably too many but I didn’t understand what that would mean. It would mean that on Monday night having finally got down to 2 courgettes, I would go to do the watering and collect 9 more, The week I picked 24 was the point at which I discovered this and it’s been very useful.img_4743

This is probably a good time to talk about how casual I’ve become about recipes. I used to follow them to the letter and then once I felt I had it mastered, play a bit. I’ve become much more confident about how things will react and am a lot more confident with leaving things out or replacing ingredients with what I do have. While I still measure and weigh for baking, I’ve more likely to eyeball it when I’m cooking dinner.

This is a long way of saying that I didn’t the recipe at all. I used the pizza dough recipe I’ve been using all year, grated three courgettes, salted them and squeezed out the water. I mixed it with what looked like an appropriate amount of cheese and then baked. It was good. And I’m going to be eating a lot more of it before the courgette season is done, also top tip the salted courgette and cheese mixture should you have any left over is really good in soup, just add it to the bowl before you pour the soup in, extra veg and cheese!img_4675

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3 Responses to Courgette Pizza

  1. This looks awesome! I really wanna try & make my own pizza dough.

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