Food and Budget Update: 23/07 to 29/07/2016


This week, I did no shopping for my everyday food. I bought some wine for my birthday lunch and some dried fruit, mixed spice, sugar and milk to make bread pudding for a friend. So my total spending was £7.69 (mostly mixed spice, one batch needs one pot and I made 4) but none of that was for any of my meals.

I got loads of food from the allotment on the weekend.img_4635And collected another 8 courgettes on Monday! And K & A left me a fridge full of things I should take and use while they were away. This is why I made bread pudding because that’s what you do with leftover bread and I was going to Jane’s on the weekend for a haircut and Jane loves bread pudding!

Ma and I ate saute and a poached egg. The saute was potatoes (dug up that morning by Joe, my allotment neighbour and all round wonderful man – he told me that my plot was looking really good, high praise from the man who had it before me, longer than I’ve been alive!), courgettes, onions and turkey.The rest of the week has no photo because I didn’t really cook, Sunday I ate leftover saute and on Monday and Tuesday, I took salad into work and didn’t really eat. On Tuesday, I was in bed before 7pm. This and the cause of the not eating became obvious on Wednesday morning – migraine. I ate some pasta after it stopped and had another picky day on Thursday, I was really, really busy and not feeling fantastic, I did make bread pudding though. Friday night I stayed at Ma’s and we ate from M&S and it was marvellousimg_4649-1


A week of no shopping, fitted quite well with my not being up to cooking, it wasn’t that I didn’t eat, it was just that I didn’t have the energy to cook or tidy up after cooking. I could have done much better and I really need to use up the courgettes!



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