Life Happened: Busy

The first rule of having a holiday is that the two weeks before the holiday are really, really busy. This is especially true when the two weeks are also leading up to your birthday..

So last week was busy at work and home AND I had a migraine on Wednesday. The weekend wasn’t any better because I had loads to do but it was a good week anyway.

I made bread puddingimg_4646-1Had a haircut, picked sweetpeasPlanted a cucumberPicked 24 courgettesThe french beans have started to come off and I’m so happy!  Soon there will be peas too.

Had breakfast with MaIt was a good week.

This week is also really busy, I need to child proof the flat for the weekend, I think I can probably trust Oli and Tabitha not to get into anything they shouldn’t but Joe is just at that stage!



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