Gooseberry Yoghurt Ice Lollies

Gooseberries were on my wish list for the allotment and when I realised that there were already 3 bushes on my plot I was over the moon! Only one of those bushes fruited this year, I think the others would have but for the pigeons (and I have plans for moving all three bushes to one spot in the autumn so I can put up a fruit cage and foil them) but the bush that did fruit produced red eating gooseberries (much to my mother’s joy!).

All in all I think I had about 1.5kg of gooseberries.img_4527Ma and I ate a fair few of them just as they were, I also made gooseberry fool a couple of times and I made these lollies.img_4599-1

It’s not a new idea, there are loads of recipes for fruit and yoghurt lollies floating around and we’ve not really had a full on moment of summer that require cold and refreshing things! Right now though, my part of the world is enjoying a mini heat wave, it’s going to be 33C today and while I know that’s not really hot for a lot of people, it’s very hot for London, but so far this year it hasn’t been hot enough to make the train tracks soft. The English are not good with any type of weather it seems!

I don’t think it will last long, it is England after all, but in the spirit of making hay while the sun shines, I thought I’d make something for hot weather. You could use any fruit you like or have kicking about just adjust the sugar levels depending on the fruit, but I had gooseberries!
I made a basic compote with 250g of gooseberries and a 1/4 cup of sugar, this is actually a little more sugar than I usually would use but cold kills flavour and sugar both enhances flavour and prevents things from getting too icy. I heated the gooseberries and sugar in a pan until the gooseberries popped, I set aside to cool and put in the fridge until properly cold. Then I put one and half tablespoons of runny honey in 250g of plain yoghurt (I used low fat because its what I always have the fridge) and stirred in the gooseberries. Then scooped all of it into my ice lolly mold, mine holds 4 and it made just enough.

The only word of warning here is that you have to have patience, they have to have a full 12 hours in the freezer and you have to leave them for 5 minutes before you take them out of the molds. There’s a reason that there are only 2 in the photo!


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  1. Allotmental says:

    Now they look tasty! 🍢

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