Friday Links 

Happy Friday! My country appears to be falling apart, the political classes are being well, lemmings is the word that springs into my head.

These links are about Brexit, the politicians and all that stuff…

It will take an age to recover from this.

You will then find, of course, that when the white working class says “immigration” it means something more than the presence of Polish plumbers and Romanian fruit pickers. It means that life is hard, that employment prospects are bleak and that work is either unavailable or of really low quality. It is beyond laughable that the exit fantasists have the first idea what to do about this. Frankly most of them have never shown the slightest concern about that before. Well, it’s their problem now.

 Playing with fire

Ireland tells Britons to hold off on applying for Irish passports. Well, I have about two years to get going on this!

Other things:

How you perceive distance is weight related. Something to bear in mind when things seem far away.

Can parents be friends with their children? Sort of. I think the issue here is not can they but when can they be friends with their children. Ma and I are close because seriously she is the only person who had exactly the same response as did to hearing the Hamilton soundtrack, “that’s clever, I need to go and read about Hamilton and the founding fathers and the War of Independence.” We enjoy spending time with each other and help one another. But I’m 42, our relationship wasn’t like that when I was 12 or 22 because that wasn’t appropriate. Parents can be friends with their children but the first thing you have to do as a parent is raise them to be functioning (or at least semi-functioning) adults. That comes before being their friend.

This has kicked of a discussion about the awfulness of ‘experiences over things’ thinking and how it might just be sexist. I just think this guy is gross, living off his parents, equating experience with expenses, basically living a life devoid of actual experience. Other articles on this are here and here.

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