Food and Budget Update: 28/05 to 03/06/2016


This week was a pain shopping wise. 4 shops, Lidl, Sainsburys. Tescos and M&S the total spent was £13.57

This was Saturday’s shop. On Monday, I was in M&S and bought 2 packets of strawberries (reduced to £1 each) and 2 packets of blueberries (reduced to 80p each), I had a voucher for £2 so only spend £1.60! Yay for bargain fruit.


On Saturday morning, I basically cooked my way through the fridge. I made the chana masala and froze 4 3 portions in the freezer. Picked the carrots in the fridge. Used the apples and pears to make crumble muffins (a variation on these) and made flapjacks. Half the flapjacks and muffins went in the freezer and some of the flapjacks went home with Ma as thanks for her epic weeding efforts on Monday morning.

Saturday night and Sunday day I was at Christelle and Mike’s so no cooking by me!

Sunday night, Ma stayed and we ate Chicken Marsala Rice. Which I was very happy with. (Next time I cook it, I’ll have to measure the ingredients so I can post it here)Monday morning we ate an apple muffin and flapjack before heading to the allotment. When we came back we had cheese on toast. Monday night I ate some of the leftover rice from Sunday with a fried egg!Tuesday was back to work and for the 3 days I was at work, breakfast was fruit and a muffin.Lunch was veg with yogurt dip and an egg roll.img_4339Tuesday dinner was stuffed pasta with salad.
Wednesday dinner was chana masala with the last of Sunday’s rice and more chopped up vegetables.
And Friday morning we had coffee and a pastry.

Friday dinner was pizza at Kathy and Adam’s, I made the dough, Adam and Kathy cooked the pizza. A fair exchange is no robbery!


I think I did a pretty good job of food this week. I knew what there was and made sure that I ate it. I got organised and made sure that I used the food in the fridge before I went shopping and I need to start doing that again, seeing how many meals I can make for the next week with the food I have in the freezer, before I go shopping. This may not lead me to spend less than my budget on food but should hopefully give me room for more luxuries, which for me is summer fruit, I love blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cherries. I do have plans to grow more soft fruit on the allotment but nothing is ready yet and the birds got the only strawberry on the allotment at the weekend!

Best thing I ate this week

The things that I didn’t cook or buy so the steak cooked by Mike on Saturday, the dinner at Ma’s on Thursday and the pizza on Friday night!


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