Life Happened: French hangover

Last week was much harder than it should have been. I had Monday off to go to the doctors and do things that didn’t get done because I was in Paris at the weekend, so off to a good start. I didn’t get nearly as much done as I probably should have.

I got to the doctors and I was early which is a miracle given the appointment was for 9am! I met Kathy for lunch, had a long phone call with my brother and another later on with Christelle and went to the allotment but I was tired and out of sorts so not much work got done.img_4315But look at the amazing poppies! Later on, I had to go back to the allotment to pick up the spare tomato plants that Ian (another allotment holder) had given meimg_4316Tuesday was back to work. I was up early all over the weekend but that 6am call on work days is soul destroying.

Although moaning about a 4 day work week is on something I’m allowing myself to do, I knew that I needed an bit of an energy boost to get through the week in a more positive frame of mind. So on Tuesday night, I came home and cooked dinner and made lunch for the next day. Knowing I was sorted allowed me to read until bedtime, with some short diversions for Round the Horne and Jonny who came round briefly to gift me with some courgette plants from his greenhouse. They are monsters…img_4318My week didn’t get any worse, in fact it was significantly meh. There was no reason for this, work was fine, home was fine, even with the living room looking like a greenhouse! I was fine. I was also stupidly tired, frazzled and generally out of sorts. By Thursday morning, I was pretty much resigned to getting through the week feeling that I had gotten out of the wrong side of bed and I just needed to get the hell over it.

On Friday, I had an appointment with the physio, my left ankle has been very sore for a couple of months, I think it’s probably the readjustment of all the bits of my foot since the osteotomy last year but has been going on for long enough and is painful enough that it was worth getting it checked out.

Then it was the weekend and I did weekend things! Allotment, housework, dinner at Mike and Christelles, garden centre, Ma came for dinner.

Today is a bank holiday, so more allotment and hopefully a better week at work!

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