Food and Budget Update: 02/04 to 08/04/2016

This was a pretty normal week, except that I had Monday off and came down with a cold mid week, it’s been going around the office, so not unexpected


This is what I bought. It was a grand total of £13.84



I didn’t eat at home this week until Sunday and then only a bit because I was feeling very lazy. Breakfasts were a combination of toast and eggs, breakfast wraps and pineapple and yoghurt.

Lunches were shallot tart and salad

I skipped dinner on Monday because it was too late when I got back from Ryan and Claire’s.

On Tuesday, I cooked an aubergine with onions, mushrooms, celery and capers and added an egg.

On Wednesday, I roasted chicken thighs and frozen broccoli in a smoked paprika and garlic marinade. This hit the magic low faff, high reward cooking spot and resulted in minimum washing up, the magic unicorn of my cooking life.

On Thursday, I did the aubergine thing that I did on Tuesday and ate it with tortillas – I was tired and this was easy.

 Friday is normally pizza night but I was tired and full of cold so I had cheese on toast with veg, sort of pizza


I didn’t really get my act together for breakfasts this week, which was frustrating in some ways but useful in others. Having to give some brain space to the what am I going to have for breakfast every night was annoying but it also taught me to think outside of the box a bit, on Tuesday morning I had a slice of bread and a boiled egg with celery and carrots and I enjoyed it! I also used up the pineapple and yoghurt that hadn’t been used up and cut down on potential waste.

Things I really need to get a grip on are snacks, I get snacky mid morning and afternoon and it can lead to bad choices so I need to plan for that.





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