Food and Budget Update: 26/03 to 01/04/2016

This was Easter weekend which budget wise feels a bit wonky.


I shopped on Good Friday because that seemed like it might be easier, I had a feeling that on Saturday everyone was going to remember that the shops were closed all day on Easter Sunday and it might get a bit mad. I didn’t have a proper list on my phone because honestly, I hadn’t really planned and anyway I felt like there was too much food in the house. So handwritten list


I love Lidl and it’s veg offers, this week, new potatoes, shallots and carrots for 25p each which is ridiculously good. Ma and I share the cost of Christmas and Easter lunches so I don’t take them out of my food budget but we did bought a bottle of wine that was recommended in the Guardian, it was £6.49, so later in Sainsburys Ma paid for my eggs and mushrooms (£2.85). So excluding the wine but including the eggs and mushrooms, I spent £10.20 on Friday and later I bought spinach and butter and mini eggs but I can’t find the receipt for those but the total spent this week was £13.84



Food this week was all about Easter. On Easter Sunday, I ate my Easter Egg for breakfast (thanks Christelle!). It wasn’t a massive egg but it was just the right size for my needs!IMG_3965-0I am my mother’s daughter so when I say lunch I mean sometime between 2 and 5pm! We started with anchovy and shallot flatbread, followed (about an hour and a half later) by roast lamb (this recipe which we never get bored with) with roast potatoes, leeks and spinach.IMG_3977-0Pudding was mini eggs and jelly bunniesIMG_3976There was also whiskeyIMG_3979On Monday, we had cross h’s for breakfast. (Cross h’s are just hot cross buns but apparently I couldn’t say that when I was little so they are cross h’s or cross h buns.), I ate roast dinner leftovers late Monday afternoon.

Tuesday was another leftover day for lunch and dinner. I was completely wiped out by the time change on Tuesday.

Wednesday also featured leftovers for lunch and dinner was pasta with leftover shallot/anchovy goo and added mushrooms. Thursday lunch was leftover pasta and dinner was the last of the leftover potatoes and vegetables. On Friday night I ate curry at Sarah’s birthday bash.


I drank too much. Everyone knows how much I like a drink but I decided after the mother of all hangovers and in light of revised consumption advice, to make sure that I stuck to the guidelines. Over the Easter weekend, I drank more than that and it wasn’t good. However, that’s a lesson about moderation not budgeting. But it’s also a lesson about budgeting, I felt that there was a bit too much food in the house this week and over the next month I’m going to work a bit on underestimating what I need and seeing how I do.





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