Anchovy and shallot flatbread

I like anchovies. There I’ve said it, I like them on pizza, I like them in tarts, I like the salty slap in the tastebuds they can give you. I come by it honestly, Ma is also fairly obsessed with anchovies and I try to include them in any celebration meal for Ma.

Which is how this flatbread came about because I have dough obsessed nephew, I often start family dinner with some kind of garlic bread (the one time in Oli’s lifetime I didn’t, he asked where the bread was!) because the dough recipe I use makes two, for Mother’s day I decided to get a bit creative and make a flatbread that was heavy on the anchovies and Ma liked it so I made it again this weekend for Easter.

 Like a lot of my cooking, this was done without a recipe and I wasn’t weighing and measuring as I went along so this is really more of a suggestion of how to cook something because the key here is to cook the shallots and anchovies with what feels like too much butter and really let them caramelise down and that takes some time. I’ve never successfully caramelised onions (or shallots) in less than 30 minutes, it’s not hands on time, it’s a gentle heat and a stir every five minutes or so but it does take time, you shouldn’t skip it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I took a chunk of butter (about 25g), a can of anchovies (30g) in olive oil and a load of sliced shallots (about 15-20 shallots). I put it all in a pan and let them cook gently over a low-ish heat until they were soft and browned and just perfect.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I put them on some stretched out pizza dough, added some mozzarella and baked in an extremely hot oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.

I add shallot…I’m not sure what to call it…mush left over and I’m thinking it would be perfect run through some pasta as a quick and dirty dinner.

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