Friday Links

Happy Friday! I am more or less avoiding this week’s two big new items Brexit and Donald Trump. This is ’cause we have months more to think and talk and read about them and I just can’t this week…

Happy reading!

You can’t sell freedom of movement to people who are insecure.

If, politically, you have no answer to how a regular person under 30 gets to live in a regular house when 91% of the country is unaffordable on the median wage, then you need to find an answer. You cannot make a case for immigration, on either economic or humanitarian grounds until you’ve recognised the economic pressures on, and the human rights of, the people already living in the country. That recognition has to progress. It isn’t enough to describe how hard it is to get a house; you need to be able to describe a future in which people can afford housing.

What hope has Pope Francis offered to women exposed to Zika? None That’s about right. I keep pointing out that for all his talk, nothing has changed.

I turned the weird internet dating messages into comics. This is why I’m not keen on internet dating, I really would rather be single…

Republicans in Charge of Considering Supreme Court Nominees Say They Will Not Consider Supreme Court Nominee. When inflexible constitutions go wrong….the American system relies on people being reasonable which is not something their politicians are managing (although a look at the House of Commons will tell you that’s not exclusive to the US!)

Michael White on the rise of the left and what Blair (and others) don’t understand.

The Money-Empathy Gap. Interesting.

Romance and the trope of the alpha male. Funny AND worth reading..

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