Life Happened: Slogging through February

It’s the middle of February and February is the month that everyone has SAD. We’ve got through the difficult dark post Christmas days of January and are rewarded with another dark month. It is getting lighter but by teeny tiny amounts so small they hardly penetrate the gloom surrounding our spirits.IMG_2760February is a difficult month and this week ended with Valentine’s Day which is not  terribly fun if you’re single. Actually, whether I’ve been single or coupled up, I’ve always pretty much ignored Valentine’s Day, I know that some people try to say that it’s just about love and that should be celebrated but essentially it’s a day were couples celebrate being couples and people who get flowers are smug. I’m fine with that but it’s not a holiday for me because I’ll buy my own damn flowers (when I can afford them!) and I’m not in a couple nor would I be inclined to being smug about it because….well it’s not really something you should be smug about, just go enjoy being with the person you love but go lightly on the PDA’s. All that to say, I just ignored it, which wasn’t hard, just stay off social media and don’t go out in the evening, and it was a Sunday so I wasn’t going anywhere (not that this is unusual!).

So my week was pretty much all about being a grown up and getting my arse to work even though I mostly wanted to bawl like a small child denied lego (thanks SAD and PMT), I managed to get through it like the brave little soldier that I am!

My work week involved lots of meetings (the whole of Thursday, no-one needs to be in a meeting that long) and taking minutes so it was busy, if not exciting or enjoyable! Work is pretty much the same, the stuff I can talk about isn’t all that interesting and the stuff I can’t talk about is only interesting if you’re interested in it and the list of people who would be interested in it is small and slightly obsessive. We did have to pack up our desks for the office move on the weekend, so this week I’m sitting in a different part of the office. There was a conversation about hanging out at ice rinks when you were a teenager and I pointed out that my hangout of choice was the library. I choose to embrace that old lady part of my teenage years (it is after all where I met Keir and Stef) everyone else thought it was sad. That’s me, even as a teenager, I didn’t like teenagers…

Outside of work I ended up re-sorting the recycling so it could be picked up (and writing the boys downstairs a note telling them what they had done wrong and asking them politely to do it the goddamn way it should be done i.e. the way I do it – it was very English). This later on involved writing my first email of complaint to the council, which then had to be followed up with a call. I’ve officially become one of those people but I wouldn’t have to be if people just did it right the first time, it’s not hard ok apparently it is hard, but it shouldn’t be and yeah I’m turning into the worse possible version of my mother. I read somewhere this week that we turn into the adults that our parents needed when we were children. Not sure if that is true but I do notice that increasingly, I’m like my mother was when she was married to my father…which basically is cross and not in the mood for anyone’s nonsense…

Happier things included a conversation with Christelle on the correct way to pronounce Anaé (an-ai-ee), the joy of nieces and nephews (her) and nephews (me), how long it took us to get over our hangovers last week and the statute of Napoleon as Apollo at Apsley House. Narrowly avoiding a migraine with the application of diet coke and adrenalin, going to bed at 8.30 to avoid adrenalin crash I was heading for. Quick trip to the library to take some books back and I checked three in and only took one out which I’m labeling restraint and if anyone thinks it isn’t well we can never be friends….

I also, for the first time since October, wore proper boots. I know that this doesn’t seem like a huge achievement but it’s progress for me. My foot felt fine, so it makes me happy.

Friday did eventually come and I left work at 4pm (those 8am starts are good for something and that thing is leaving at 4pm on Friday and not feeling guilty about it!). Ma came over on Friday night and we had pizza and beer and mini eggs (so four of the basic Dempsey food groups!)IMG_3810-0I wanted to have Saturday as a productive day and Sunday as quieter more resting day. So after breakfast, I ‘leapt’ into action, did food shopping and various other assorted housework. I also went to Grace. It was a good day..IMG_3811On Sunday, after I made sure that I was all ready for the week, I read and napped and ate onion soup….which was lovely.

However, it’s now Monday morning and I have to go to work and arrange my new desk and write minutes. For a change, I have quite a bit planned, I’m babysitting for the Baxters tonight and we have team building on Friday afternoon (yes again!) and on Saturday Ma and I are going to Watford to see the rest of the family and play with the nephews! All I have to do is get through the work week and the fun stuff starts!


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