Friday Links

Happy Friday! Today I am working from home and then having the afternoon off to have a haircut, it’s all excitement, all the time around here!

Here are this week’s links…

As we give up on saving, we give up on our future. Pensions and what not having them signifies. Yep, I have a pension that it not really gonna cut it in 26 years time but I can barely afford the contribution that I make at the moment. But I at least I get an employer contribution too!

Older children are better than babies and toddlers. This was delightful. I’m having a bit of a time with it at the moment from several sources I’m hearing about how much hard work it is and I get it but I think the quote in the article equating babies and toddlers to first five minutes of the movie. I reckon that’s spot on and honestly folks you all signed up for this…

 Why I put 400 condoms in my kitchen drawer. I’m not sure that I’d have put 400 out but I think that adults need to recognise that teenagers have sex however horrific the idea is.

The people behind the claim that Planned Parenthood were selling baby parts have just been indicted. So I’m going to say it again, it didn’t happen…

What IQ do you have to have to take care of a child? I don’t know and I don’t have any answers, but this is worth reading anyway.

Canada is adopting Finland’s Baby box idea. Not quite, but this is a smart idea and every country that could should do this.

The loss of libraries is another another that inequality will become entrenched. My love of libraries is documented and I remember the library being another place I could go to when home was difficult because my dad wasn’t working. They are far more important than you could ever realise if you don’t need them.

Ma has been quoting this article all week, George Osborne’s character flaws may cost him the top job. Basically he’s over confident and doesn’t understand the true impact of his policies. Yep.

Speaking of which, Britain and big business and lack of tax money.

My first thought when I’d heard that Cecil Parkinson had died was that I hoped Sara Keays gets to dance on that man’s grave. Not at all compassionate or very Christian but the family statement that talks about his daughters, grandchildren and step-grandchildren missed a child. Suzanne Moore nails some of what makes me so uncomfortable about him.

If you think light therapy might help with SAD, be careful. Interesting, I did a lot of talking therapy after Stef died, when I was depressed outside of the SAD and me therapist encouraged me to get a wake up lamp but not a light lamp. Good to know why. Although honestly, the more I learn and understand how my SAD (and depression) manifests the more I realise the importance of not indulging it. Yeah, I know that’s the opposite of what the ‘be kind to yourself’ brigade would say but if depression lies and it’s telling to you sad in bed and do nothing then you need to do the opposite. You need to practise tough love on yourself AND get the medical help you can…

The Making of Grease. It could have been awful awful instead of good awful. I still love it (my 5 year old self thought it was the best film of all time!)

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