Food and Budget Update: 02/01 to 08/01/2016

This was the first week I was back at work, so I needed to be a little bit more focused on what I was eating and getting it prepared. I had a menu plan and a craving for fruit so away I went.


I didn’t know what fruit I wanted, I ended up with a pineapple, mango, sharon fruit and a pomegranate. The total bill was £12.13.DSCF5114DSCF5116I made a fruit salad, which with yoghurt was breakfast Monday to Thursday and then events overtook me, in the form of dealing with the goddamn mice and I basically stopped taking photos or really thinking much about food at all. I had beans and rice on Monday night. I didn’t eat at all on Tuesday night, made a chicken salad for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, a potato sauté for dinner on Wednesday which I ate with a poached egg and had the leftovers for lunch on Friday, it would have looked something like this with added potatoes!20140217-081738.jpgOn Thursday night I had tortillas and vegetables in a sort of quesadilla and that also did for Friday breakfast. I had planed to have  would have seen a return to Friday Night Pizza, except I didn’t have the ingredients for pizza dough post mad mice defying purge of kitchen, so I made something up from the leftovers and vegetables, a sort of rice stir fry.

I threw away a lot of food this week in Operation Kill All the Mice and so a lot of my staples are gone and will need to be replaced over time, which gives me an extra challenge for the year and also means that for the rest of this month I really want to concentrate on clearing the freezer, it’s better than it was, but I really want to go to town on it this month. Next week, I’m going to be eating lots of soup!

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