Life Happened: Here Be Mice

Back to work was not as horrifying as I expected, on some level I think I was ready for the routine of work.

Was I was not ready for was mice, I discovered that I’d had visitors on Tuesday who had literally gnawed on the butter.

 I was freaked and called my mother. After work, I got home, took the tree down and then we tackled the kitchen. You know how two of my goals for 2016 are to have a deep clean and declutter. Well I’m off to a great start with that.

So after the cleaning, which was immense, I went to bed after a very hot shower. I took Wednesday as leave because my landlord was sending someone round to fix a couple of bits in the flat and block up the mouse holes! That didn’t happen but I did more cleaning. The mice had been back a tiny bit so I disinfected all the worktops again and cleaned the floor (3 times!). Then had a nap.The rest of the week was work and mouse monitoring and disinfecting, my kitchen smells like a hospital in the 1960’s, the smell of bleach is strong!

Friday Night Pizza did not happen because I’m missing some key ingredients that were thrown away in the great mouse purge.

The weekend was all about more cleaning. We everything out of the non mouse effected cupboard, pulled the cupboard out and cleaned underneath it. There was much de-cluttering.DSCF5121I spent Sunday prepping for the week ahead, the usual stuff, washing, food prep and general organisation. Plans for next week are limited to a busy week at work, monitoring for mice because I cannot tell you how much I want them gone but barring any other minor disasters, it’s a completely peaceful week. Yay!


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