Friday Links

Happy Friday. It has not been the best of weeks, the shock of going back to work, the horror of discovering that I had mice in the house! Here are this week’s links….

I read 164 books in 2015, this is what I learned. Interesting..

No diet, no detox: how to relearn the art of eating

When a single mother becomes a best friend as well as your mum. I get it, although I’m glad that mum held off with the emotional confessions until I was more or less into adulthood. Neither Ma or I get friends who have difficult relationships with their mothers or daughters because it’s always been straightforward, even when it’s been difficult – I’m not sure that makes much sense but I know what I mean. We do row and we do disagree but we also like similar things, who else is there is the world that gets my love of castles, Johnny Kincaid, OCMS and can make my orange squash the right strength?

Housing Policy in 2016; Rob the poor to give to the rich

This contains spoilers, don’t read it if you don’t want to know what happens in the new movie. What Star Wars: The Force Awakens can teach us about modern evil. I haven’t seen Star Wars but it seems to me that the Church has it right in the baptism service where we reject Satan “and all his empty promises”.

On not having New Year’s Resolutions. So very sensible.

Sarah Rees Brennan mixes Peter Pan and spying. Fun.

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