Little Goals – Jan 2016

Saturdays seem like a good day to focus on goals/resolutions and general tasklists. If you don’t want to read about how I plan on cleaning various parts of my house, the schedule for that or any of my aims or resolutions either monthly or over 2016, skip reading on Saturdays.

Last Saturday I talked about the things I want to do and work on through 2016, but that’s a mighty long span of time so each month though I’m going to set mini goals for myself, they might be projects, house cleaning tasks, exercise or just for the hell of it. Some of them will feed into the overarching goals for 2016 but some of them won’t. Although I’ll set them at the beginning of each month, I’ll post about them on the week after the previous months 2016 goal review, so generally they’ll appear on the second Saturday of the month. Clear?

Let’s talk January, I really want to keep it simple this monthIMG_2396HOME

Kitchen de-clutter and deep clean. I wanted to tackle this before I knew about the mice and I’m in full swing on this now. I have plans for today actually to clean and de-clutter the non mouse affected cupboards, clean the oven and defrost and clean the fridge.

Baby bath to Ryan and Clare. So Ryan and Clare are having a baby and Ben and Lu gave them a whole load of baby clothes that Joe doesn’t fit into anymore and a baby bath that they don’t use. The clothes I handed over but the bath is still in my cupboard and needs to go because I need the room for my junk!


Yoga 8 times this month. This is basically to keep me accountable for the over all goal.

Exercise. One set, five times a week of the following. 10 sit ups, 20 squats, 10 push ups from my knees. My general strength is shot to pieces after surgery and it’s going to be a while before I really start moving like I used to. This is just to get me moving again and remind my body that exercise is coming.DSCF4423Watch 4 DVD’s this month. I have a lot of DVD’s, I should watch them.

Send postcards to Oli and Miss T. I used to do this quite a lot and last year I got out of the habit, time to start again because they will be teenagers before I know it.  IMG_3703


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