2015 Goals Round Up

At the beginning of 2015, I set some goals. Because missing or deciding not to complete goals is as important in understanding yourself as achieving them, this is the recap of the goals and how I feel it went.IMG_3580BODY 

  • 2 gym classes a week
  • 15 minutes of yoga every day.

This was a partial success. The gym going was great when I was feeling well and rubbish when I was sick and I was full of cold/cough and chest infection quite a bit this year. The yoga was sporadic for the same reason. There was definitely something going on with my gym attendance around embarrassment and shame. I was doing really well and then the routine changed and I couldn’t ‘get it’ and I felt fat and clumsy and all of a sudden there were lots of work people at those classes and I didn’t want to go. Which wasn’t good and I need to work on how to overcome that issue.

I managed the yoga for 50% of the year and once the foot is better, I want to make that consistent because it helped me relax AND it helped my knees!

There were other non goal successes this year, I increased my walking (thanks to the Fitbit I got as a Christmas present!), and I’d like to take that into 2016 because that had the most positive impact on my mental and physical health. I was so happy when I got a well done from the consultant on my walking before my osteotomy because he was impressed at how much I was able to do with my gimpy foot. I think it also had a lot to do with my low blood pressure and more cheerful demeanour at the end of the year.IMG_2646HOME 

  • To only buy 12 new to me books.

I did well on this one. I bought 11 books this year, I borrowed books from friends and used the library more, I learnt patience and waited for books that I wanted to read. What I didn’t do was make as much of a dent on the TBR pile as I wanted, but there’s always next year.

  • Work on deep cleaning the flat more.
  • Declutter and organise

Again a partial success, the house is tidy, I’ve even cleaned the oven a couple of times and I did have a massive declutter of my wardrobe but I can’t say I’ve had a massive declutter Marie Kondo style! It’s a work in progress but I like the space I live in, it works for me and it reflects who I am more than any space I’ve lived in, often this year I made the choice just to be in the space and enjoy it rather than clean it and I’m ok with that!20140914-204723-74843564.jpgSPIRIT

The word for the year was peaceful which I described like this

 It also means feeling calm and secure and content and trusting and joyous about God’s plan for my life and it’s also the place where I accept that I don’t understand or control all of it, which a big deal for me..

I feel that this year has been peaceful. I feel good about where I am and where I’m headed and I feel that I’ve got the balance between what I need to change and learning to live with what I can’t.

So 2015 is done. Time to think about 2016.

How was your year?

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