Life Happened – Back to work

Well it happened, I finally had to go back to work.

It wasn’t too bad at all. I’m doing reduced hours to avoid evil commuters so I get in for about 10am and leave between 3pm and 3.30pm. This has not stopped people banging into me with their suitcases of mass destruction or as happened on Thursday shoving me down the last couple of steps to get onto a train platform on Thursday (people can be animals!) but is certainly easier on me than going straight into very early dark mornings and very crowded trains. I can honestly say that for the first time EVER rush hour is a scary thing…IMG_3572I’m very easily tired though and last week, as planned, featured three Christmas lunches and straight back into the big monthly meeting I minute and generally arrange it was much more tiring than I expected, I really could not have done any of it without my lovely colleagues who did most of the heavy lifting and running around (literally!)IMG_3570Monday was the department lunch with bonus belly dancer! Tuesday and Wednesday were straightforward workdays. Thursday was big meeting in the morning and Christmas lunch with that team.

Friday was the team lunch but by Friday morning my foot was signalling it had had enough, it was painful AND purple and even more swollen than usual. So I didn’t go to work, but spend the day with my foot up and on ice..

On Saturday, I (finally) go to have my haircut amd I feel the need (yet again) to thank Ma because I wouldn’t have been able to get to Jane’s if Ma hadn’t hired a car for the day. She is truly the best mother ever!

My hair has been long for a while, about 5 to 6 inches came off this time. I needed a change! IMG_3580 Ma and I got some of the Christmas food shopping done on the way back & bumped into my old primary school teacher at the same time!

On Saturday evening I could have gone to Grace or Sarah and Justin’s Christmas chilli party. I did neither. The irony of posting on Saturday about needing to overcome my tendency to isolate myself and then not going out to be with my friends when I could is not lost on me. However, at the moment my foot and its recovery takes priority.

I did get to chat to Kathy though and started the mincemeat    


I had a restful at home day on Sunday, there was some baking and housework but if I’m honest more lying on the sofa and reading!

And we’re back to Monday, this week is going to be a much quieter week, just work and resting my foot!


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