Food and Budget: 28/11 to 4/12/2015

Welcome to the weekly update.

So as I said last week, my food planning goes from Saturday to Friday. I calculate the monthly budget from the first Friday after payday to the Saturday after the next payday. So if payday falls mid-week, then the next Saturday is when I start counting the budget. This month there are 4 weeks in that timeframe so I aim to spend £60,  as one of those weeks is Christmas, it’s likely that instead of a detailed plan and breakdown, I’ll just add the £15 to the money that Ma and I spend on that!

So this week is the first week that I did my own shopping, instead of giving Ma a list. The plan needed to take account of the lunch for Ma’s birthday on the 4th December, and the bacon sandwiches that I promised Ben as a thank you for taking me to the hospital on the Tuesday. I still had a lot of food in the freezer and even though I’ve been  a bit more active, I’m still not hungry enough to eat three meals a day.


I got the majority of what I needed in Lidl and then topped up at SainsburysIMG_3531

The sharper eyed amongst you will notice that I forgot to buy puff pastry and bought a bottle of tonic and jar of red pesto. The days of me always having the ingredients for a G&T in the house are mostly gone but a I wanted one with Ma to celebrate doing my own shopping. So tonic was purchased, however because I’m an idiot, I forgot to buy limes! So I spent an extra £1 to buy two limes and a lemon from the Tesco local. Living where I live is great for lots of reasons but the abundance of places to buy food is both a blessing and a curse. In total I spent £15.06. A little bit over the budget but I thought ok for the first week.DSCF5040DSCF5041To eat there was pizza because I was mobile enough to make it. I used my last bag of frozen dough and it was amazing.IMG_3527There were bacon rolls on Tuesday as a brunch before we set off for the hospital.

 There was spinach and chickpea rice, I love it when I see a recipe that I like the look of and I have all the ingredients for it in the cupboard/freezer!

 I ate it the first night with a piece of smoked haddock & afterwards with a fried egg.

For Ma’s first birthday lunch (she had two lunches it’s not the first time she’s ever had a birthday and the details of the second will be in next week’s update!). We had leek, anchovy and goats cheese tart, with new potatoes. This is possibly my mother’s favourite meal and her request for lunch. Pudding was gingerbread, also a request from Ma and part of her birthday present (so not from my food budget).  Other meals were mostly soup and a date bar with yoghurt and stewed fruit. The good news is that I got to sort through the freezer and have a bit of tidy, it’s nice when it’s got good stuff in it but not so much that I can’t open it, I want to defrost it before Christmas so running it down a bit seems like a good idea.







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