Life Happened – Family Time

Last week was my last week of sick leave. As of today, I’m back at work.

What did I do with my last week? Pretty much the same as I did last week but with more family members and a hospital visit.IMG_3537Tuesday was my final appointment at the hospital and it was pretty much as expected. The headlines are that the foot is still not straight but the surgery corrected it as much as it could be corrected. At the moment, the foot is still swollen and I can’t get my shoes on yet, but it’s looking good. More disappointingly, getting back to walking and exercise isn’t going to happen as quickly as I hoped. I’m going back to work on reduced hours for the next six weeks because of the difficulty of walking and standing during the commute and my hour of walking a day is off the cards until about March and I won’t be able to start body balance classes until at least June. The last of the bad news is that I had hoped that once I’d recovered, I would be able to run again but the consultant has said no running ever again! In fact he’d prefer that I learnt to walk on my hands! The bad but not unexpected news is that the likelihood of reoccurrence of the bunion is high. The surgery has bought me another 10 years or so but the mechanics of my feet are such that it’s probably not a permanent fix, it’s gone from a severe to a moderate bunion and it is less painful so all of that is good.

I also got exciting new bedtime footwear!IMG_3548The rest of the week was pretty quiet, Ma came over on Friday for a birthday lunch and stayed over for her second birthday lunch with the rest of the family on Saturday. IMG_3557Cue cuddles with Joe and tickle fights with Oli! IMG_3563IMG_3564I spent Sunday sorting myself out for a working week, expect me to be mostly exhausted this week…



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