Cooking, Food Budgets and Accountability – The Plan.

On Saturday, I’m going to chat about how 2015 went in terms of spending. One of the things I have a problem with is consistency, I can be really careful for two months and then blow all that saved money on a really good night out! While there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, in 2016, I need to get to grips with that habit.

Inspired by Beth at Budget Bytes, I’m going to set a food budget of £15 a week and post what I bought and ate each week. I’ve found that this space is really good for keeping me accountable and I’m love those posts on other blogs. I also think it might be useful, I’m not great at inventing recipes but I am interested in food and eating well, I also think that sometimes it’s difficult to translate being able to cook to being able to menu plan, shop to a budget, use up what you have and still enjoy what you cook and eat! If seeing how I do it helps, then that’s all to the good. DSCF2233I’ll post every Tuesday about the food and shopping the week before and weeks run Saturday to Friday because Saturday usually when I shop.

I work out my budget from payday to payday, so some months the budget will be £75, others £60, I do sometimes buy meat when it’s on offer, which means that I might spend £25 one week and £5 the next but it will all average out to £15 a week. Bear in mind that this budget is for food and probably will include stuff I buy at Sainsburys that isn’t food; washing liquid, toilet roll, paracetamol etc. It won’t include the things I buy elsewhere; toothpaste, cleanser etc. December is a test run so it may be that I change that rule for Jan and separate the budgets out, we’ll see. DSCF4938Any money I don’t spend from this budget will go into a money box and at the end of the year we can see if I managed any spare.

I’m excited, see you next Tuesday…

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