Keeping It Simple

Over the last three weeks, my food choices have been limited to other people cooking or by what I’ve been able to cook/prepare in the five minute chunks I’ve been able to stand before my foot basically tells me to get back to the sofa as soon as I can hop there.

It’s also changed because I’m not eating that much due to all that sofa time. I’m expending less energy and don’t want to eat as much. I usually eat at about 12pm and again around 6pm, I only really snack when Ma is here because getting up, putting the boot on and then getting me and a snack back to the sofa was too much hassle. This is no bad thing, I have a really bad habit of eating when I’m bored so this has been a small reset. Weight loss has been the last thing on my mind at all but contrary to expectations, I’ve lost some weight since the osteotomy, about 2kg, which is not bad given that I’ve been out of the house three times in the last three weeks!

Food has to be quick and  the less washing up involved the better, so with that in mind, this is what I’ve been eating.

SoupDSCF5005 I made a lot of soup before the operation and have lived off it, there’s still some in the freezer.

Hummus and vegetables. DSCF5011Quick and easy, chop veg, grab hummus from the fridge. Note that I didn’t make the hummus, sometimes buying is easier than making and that’s ok.

Jelly BabiesIMG_3465The great thing about this, was that it was totally limited to whether or not people brought them so although I could eat a packet in a day if I chose, that was all I could eat until someone brought more. (Thanks Ma and Christelle).However, Ma and I did decide that it needed to stop because I have no control around them! So it’s been about a week and a half since my last Jelly Baby fix!

Bread rollsDSCF5012Ma and I made a bunch of rolls (this recipe) these are so good and easy to make. They go well with soup too. One week, Ma roasted a chicken on Sunday and I lived on chicken sandwiches, carrots and peppers. This week it’s all about the egg sandwich (something like this but without plastic cheese and with ketchup because I am an animal!)

Roasted ChickpeasDSCF5008The world’s simplest snack, cooked chickpeas, olive oil, salt and smoked paprika, roasted for about 25 minutes. More protein than crisps and a good snack.

Chicken and Pumpkin Stew

Ok, I didn’t make this and it was so good I forgot to photograph it! Kathy brought it over on last week and we had it for lunch and did another dinner and it was really good. I have wonderful friends…and as soon as I can wrestle the recipe off Kathy and walk, I’ll share it here.

It’s not been more exciting than that but over the weekend my foot has improved dramatically and I can spend a bit more time in the kitchen so it might be time for a little bit more variety!

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