Foot Update

It’s been three and a half weeks since the osteotomy and two weeks since I had the stitches out and it’s looking much better



The scar isn’t looking nearly as fearsome and, provided I’m wearing the boot, I’m more mobile and am able to get about a bit more, but I can’t really do a lot of standing, more than 30 minutes and the foot is swollen and purple and I have to put it up but on Monday Kathy and her eldest came to visit and I sat at the kitchen table with my foot down and it didn’t hurt.

It’s not sore enough that I need to take any painkillers and most of the pain when I’m not moving is from the akin osteotomy (which is the pie shaped piece of bone that was taken out of my big toe). If I put my foot on the floor and try to get out of bed without the boot (it happened once!) the pain is all over the toe and the side of my foot and that really, really hurts, swearing at the top of my voice hurts. Mostly the bottom of my foot by the first two toes feel bruised, it’s also warmer than the rest of my foot. Also if my feet are cold, my toe hurts.

The other thing is that both of my feet have been shedding skin, I’ve been moisturising them but I could scrape the skin off my feet which was gross. On Sunday, I very gently used the scholl exfoliator stuff that they don’t seem to make anymore, that got rid of the worst of it and now they feet like my feet!

I have an appointment at the hospital on 1 December (unless there’s a strike!) and I’m hoping then that I get some exercises to help unstiffen the big toe. I think that at that point they’ll also take an x-ray to see how the healing is progressing, and assuming that’s all ok, I’m back at work on 7 December.

I’m sure that I’m never going to have pretty feet but I am looking forward to functioning feet again!


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