Friday Links

Happy Friday! This week has been much like last week, with more showering, which is bizarre and I have to do with someone else in the house (thanks Ma!) so I don’t fall over…oh the glamour..

Loneliness and income inequality. Money doesn’t make you happy, it does allow you to do more of the things that make you happy..

The London property market is like the Hunger Games. I have been banging on about the housing problem for about 20 years, I’m of pretty average intelligence, if I could see it, why the hell did no-one in power notice?

Boys need to be taught about work-life balance as well as girls. Feminism isn’t about putting women above men, it’s about giving everyone choice and freedom…

Consent is just like tea. This is fab.

How does he sleep at night, easy, he just doesn’t understand.

Beck wrote her annual review of Oprah’s Gift List. As always, it’s better than the gift list….

Also what I watched this week.

London Spy. Lots of good actors, being brilliant.

River. I’m still not sure that I entirely understand what’s going on but I want to.

Hugh’s War on Waste. I find the general stuff really interesting but some of the people he’s talking to one on one just need a slap it’s not hard to recycle. Also watching it, I’m shocked by the amount of food waste from households, I find it mind boggling..

The Last Kingdom. Which I am really enjoying although I could do without the very cheesy recap at the beginning of each episode.



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