Life Happened – Stitches and sofa time.

It’s fair to say that I’ve been completely out of the loop this week, I haven’t heard Adele’s new song, didn’t see the John Lewis Christmas advert and I wasn’t wearing a poppy.

The most exciting parts of my week were the trip to the hospital to get my stitches out..  and getting a shower…finally..

The foot looks much better but I still have to wear the boot to avoid putting any weight through the toes, hence the one footed shower!IMG_3494The big scar is quite sore but looks better than it does here already.IMG_3492I love how neat the scar on the top of my foot looks though.

Sarah R came over on Friday, which was lovely, and Ma came over on Saturday (the day of the glorious shower), as usual for the past couple of weeks she’s been fantastic and we had fun with indoor sparklers…God I love sparklers, it’s impossible to be miserable with a sparkler going off in your hands…

This week, I may go for a small walk outside and I want to do some yoga for my back and hips, it’s tricky to do because of not being able to put pressure on my foot but my back is beginning to hurt more than my foot. Other than that some reading, and even though it’s too early for Christmas, as this year’s Christmas music selection is now done, I’ll start to burn the CD’s because I was gently reminded that they needed to be done…godchild 2 is a bossy boots!

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