September Recap/October Goals

If August was the holiday month, September was the back to school month. There was a lot of good stuff in September.

  • I had 1 migraine this month, which meant an afternoon off work and being very tired the next morning.
  • It wasn’t a great month for exercise. I more or less kept up with the walking, despite the fitbit dying, they sent me another one, but most of the month went unrecorded, but body balance classes have been like hen’s teeth.
  • My eating has been much the same, my sleep has been much the same, I’m still getting about 3 to 5 hours a night, not great but not too bad for me.
  • I bought 1 book last month which was a pre-order, which leaves me 4 for the rest of the year. It does occur to me to clarify, that I meant 12 books for me, not for other people. I’ve done a fair amount of book buying in the lead up to birthday season (Sept – Dec have 9 present requiring birthdays) and Christmas but not for me.
  • The house is tidy and clean, I had a deep clean of my bedroom in preparation for being gimpy next month.
  • I stayed within limits this month but could have done better.

October Plans and Goals

There are two big things happening in October, Ben turns 50 40 and I’m having my foot operated on. I had plans to paint the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen but that’s not going to happen until next year, I’ve cancelled the leave I’d booked in October because it seems wrong to have a week off just before I have 6 weeks off sick! I’ve got three weeks until the operation and I want to deep clean the house so it’s really tidy before I can’t walk for a bit. I think the theme of the month will be getting everything set up so I can have that six weeks without panicking about what needs to be done.


For the weeks before the operation, I will be doing 30 squats, 20 sit ups, 20 press ups and 2 30 second planks for the first week. Week 2, I’ll increase to 2 sets. Week 3, 3 sets and Week 4, 4 sets. Week 5 will be a mystery because I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do.

2 body balance classes a week. in the first three weeks, then I’m on leave and then won’t be doing any of that for a while!

2 x 30 minute walks Monday to Friday. At least until the operation..

Yoga before bed every day. As part of having a proper bedtime routine and wind down before lights out, which is 10pm Sunday to Thursday. Again until the operation.



This is another more of the same goal, don’t buy any books…photo


It’s pretty tidy at the moment but there are a couple of things that I need to attend to.

  • Clean the oven every week.
  • Deep clean bathroom, kitchen and living room. Ensure the bedroom stays pristine.
  • Talk to landlord about fixing bathroom cold tap and cupboard light (which is going to require changing the light fitting!)IMG_2811


This is more of the same, stick to the budget.


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