Friday Links

Happy Friday! Happy last day of July!

Today I am not at work, I’m having a haircut, which I really need, but here are this week’s links

When weddings attack… I really don’t get it. I just don’t. Go to a registry office (or Church if that’s your thing) get married. Job done.

Why smart Tories should worry about Jeremy Corbyn.

Jay Rayner’s reviews are always good to read, even when the review is bad!

And then there are the prices. Le Chabanais is named after a famous Belle Époque Parisian brothel, which is an irresistible gift from the god of restaurant critics. I could resist it, of course, but I didn’t get where I am today by being classy and subtle. Because, believe me, this does feel like a place where the customers come to get screwed.

The real Lord Sewel scandal is financial not sexual. Yep.

paid women in prostitution for their services in a grace and favour flat in Dolphin Square for which he pays £1,000 a month instead of the going rate of nearly £3,000. This man’s “private life” is subsidised to the hilt by the taxpayer, and that is what really sticks in the craw

Labour is now so passive it might as well be lead by an out of office email.

From where they are at the moment John Major could lead them to the left…

Why is premenstrual syndrome still so badly understood? Tell me about it. I have a mother who didn’t get PMS, so for years I thought it was me being a wimp. It is at least easier nowadays, when I wake up feeling, well hungover and sick for nearly two weeks of the month, to know that it’s just hormones and it will pass.

there are over 150 different symptoms of PMS from depression to backache to migraines, and still few answers about how and why these occur. Stranger still that the contraceptive pill or antidepressants are often the only solutions offered, with little explanation. How can there be this much vagueness and confusion over the female body in 2015.

The 10 Commandments of Daughterhood. Or treat your mother like she is a human being. To  paraphrase my own mother “Your mother wasn’t put on this earth just to be your mother, she was herself before she was ‘Mummy'”. Treat her accordingly! Also with the exception of the funeral planning, (I want to play ‘ha ha the witch is dead’ and she keeps saying that I’m going to die before her!) we already do everything else because we have a relationship and we talk to one another, even when we annoy one another!

Last month my local council decided that next year it would introduce wheelie bins and alternate weekly collection of rubbish and recycling, food collection will still be weekly. To which I say hurrah! I want wheelie bins, it’ll stop recycling being blown out of boxes, it’ll also stop foxes attacking the bin bags on Monday nights. Everyone else in Ealing seems to be outraged. I’ve been leafleted, there is a petition…it’s slightly bonkers. It seems to me that the local Tory councillors should be spending more time and energy worrying about the cuts to housing and social services coming down the line than bloody wheelie bins!

The joy of living on a boat. If it’s your choice, I’m sure it’s lovely. I wouldn’t like it at all.

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