Life Happened – Heatwave

Monday morning coffee from my colleaguesIMG_3155Delayed trains because of the heatwaveIMG_3157Blue skies for most of weekIMG_3159Ice cream and Salted Caramel Sauce to cool downIMG_3158  Oli’s scary face..IMG_3164Oli, the football star…IMG_3171Lost dinosaursIMG_3172Pikey corkscrewsIMG_3175Not pictured…

1) Mummy’s home and she did my ironing, I’d still love her if she didn’t but it makes me love her more!

2) Time with the very ill Kathy and Adam and getting to play with their toddlers, who are (as all toddlers are) funny, cute, frustrating and completely bonkers..

3) A new manager, a team move and thinking about what we want to do at work.

4) Oli was a delight and I think the way to deal with him is to take him out, once he’s home he misses Mum and Dad.

5) Oli stuff 2, he’s so big he’s calling Ben and Lu ‘Mum and Dad’ not ‘Mummy and Daddy’.

6) Just generally, I’m in this week of PMT central, I’m aware of how lucky I am to be able to spend time with the small people in my life, it’s not parenthood but the combination of being another grown up in the mix and being able to help the parents I know, reminds me that not all service is sacrifice and how important the adults who weren’t my parents were as role models and friends. It really does take a village and it’s important that there is one. I’m privileged to to be part of the village and grateful that I’m allowed to be. We all win this way!



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