Sunday Music

Tomorrow is Tina’s birthday (and no, the fact that she’s dead doesn’t mean I don’t think about it!), I need to be careful about this, Tina’s birthday (and anniversary) aren’t really mine. She was my friend and mentor but not my partner or mother but Christina chose this for her wake because she remembered it as a song that reminded her of T.

Listening to it again last month as it popped up on the shuffle on my phone, I’m reminded of how many people in my life it could apply to. I’ve always maintained that London is the centre of the world, so I hardly ever leave! I’m lucky though ’cause so many people from other places end up here and some of them are my friends. So for all the people in my life who expanded my horizons by being from somewhere else and Tina, who did that a lot…this..

And yes I realise this is another repeat…but it’s my space and who only ever listens to a song once!





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