June Recap and July Goals

Halfway through the year already, that was quick. June has been an ok but not stellar month mostly because of the cough.

  • I had one migraine this month.
  • I only hit 10,000 steps on 7 of the 30 days of June. At the beginning of the month I really went for it with 24,000 steps in one day and I need more days like that, because the cough of doom meant that walking anywhere was a problem.
  • I really enjoy the body balance classes, but I missed a lot this month again because of the cough and general breathlessness.
  • My eating has been much the same, my sleep has been dreadful, I’ve had a couple of nights when I managed 5 hours sleep but and again because of the cough, I’ve been getting an average of 3 hours, and it’s really beginning to show on my poor, exhausted face!
  • I’ve abandoned the yoga before bedtime because it didn’t seem to be helping but I was doing it for sleep, I might need to start again because it stretches me out.
  • I bought one book this month, so I’m allowed 9 more this year, I’ve mostly been reading library books.
  • The house is very tidy and clean, I had a day to really work on it and I’ve started to do some of the deep cleaning as well as being all over the daily stuff. The oven is finally clean.
  • I’ve (with help – thanks Ma) cleaned out two chest of drawers (one in the living room and one in the bedroom). I’ve also adopted a throw it away policy for things that I’m not going to use anymore and can’t give away (goodbye lovely cream suede handbag, I loved you to bits, until you fell to bits!) Which is why I don’t feel too bad about not going through the cupboard as thoroughly as planned but it’s tidier than it was
  • I stuck to the budget this month and I feel that I’m making some progress on paying things off. It’s going to be a longer haul than I’d like but it’s doable and I’m in control of it, instead of it being in control of me

July Plans and Goals

I’m spending today with Oli, while Ben and Laura are at a wedding, Ma is on holiday and travelling back today, so it’s just me. It’ll be fine! Other than that, July currently has 2 social engagements and one day off! So I reckon it’ll be a quiet month which should give me time to prepare for the drama that is my birthday and Ryan and Claire’s wedding!


I’m feeling good about what I’m doing at the moment I just need to do it more, preferably without coughing until I vomit, so I’m going to be working on that. IMG_2825


This is another more of the same goal, don’t buy any books, also when I have the 17 books that I currently have on loan from the library read, I really need to start on my TBR pile and maybe have a month off from the library!photo


The flat is in really good shape. I want to have another bash at sorting out the cupboard. This is a repeat goal from last month because I did look at it and it was tidier but the tent got returned last weekend so that needs to go back in the loft, so a through sort out would be a good thing.



This is more of the same, stick to the budget…

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