Reasons to be Cheerful – June 2015

The view from the National Theatre. That we have a National Theatre and how lovely London for all it’s faults.IMG_3098

A morning on the allotment (that was a busy day, 24,000 steps!)11393205_10207192757963476_8150599775323232927_n

Cherry season is here. I love cherries IMG_3102Good weather for some of June and ice cream van banana ice lolliesIMG_3110Work colleagues that go home to Texas and bring back Swedish Fish!IMG_3112My lovely Mum, who came over to Ealing and took me to the doctor because I was poorly and she didn’t think I’d make it over by myself. She also delivered my second set of drugs to me because she’s awesome!20130801-082237.jpgJune featured World Gin Day AND National Martini Day. I’m always happy to have gin but this month in particular!IMG_3133John was in London for a day, it has been literally years since I’ve seen him, so it was good to catch up…IMG_3141Last but not least this month a new washing machine. Renting is expensive but when your landlord replaces the broken washing machine in two days (and comes and fits it!) it feels worth it!IMG_3153



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