Life Happened – Coughing and Wheezing

Hello and welcome to Monday and the last days of June!

I started last week with two nasty realisations, first the cough was not going away and second the washing machine was leaking! I got another set of pills from the doctor to take on Wednesday and by Thursday the cough was less present but I still had the full on wheeze and breathlessness, which could have been due to the pollen and pollution rather than the cough. Who knows? As of today, I’m still coughing but not all night and not uncontrollably, so I’m calling it good!

I started Tuesday morning tired and grumpy but a message from John, who was in London overnight, and Tuesday night drinks cheered me up no end. It’s nice to have friends who get surprise visits to London!IMG_3141On Wednesday, I got a new washing machine (God bless my landlord), which meant working from home and washing all the things…         IMG_3153

The rest of the week was pretty average and but Friday night I was ready for a quiet night of reading…IMG_3150and a drinkIMG_3145And because I was spending time in living room as it got darker, candles in the fireplaceIMG_3147The rest of the weekend was very quiet. Gill came over on Sunday to return the tent, I went to the library, did all laundry including the ironing. So by Sunday evening, I felt rested and productive and then I found a spiderIMG_3152I really like spiders so it made me insanely happy!


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