Life Happened – Perspective

A bit later than usual because of the Bank Holiday.

It wasn’t a normal week. I got to grips with a budget (spreadsheets were involved) and cleared a ton of paper out of the house.

I spent six and a half hours date sorting and stacking crates of food for the Kingston Foodbank. Ma has been volunteering there for a while and I took a CSR day from work to provide some muscle that also understood how Ma’s mind works! (I loved how many people thought to donate a treat and biscuits make for light crates so that was my favourite part of the day!)IMG_3064IMG_3067That day I also was at K & A’s to help them ‘reset’ the house in time for K’s parents visiting as Kathy fell down the stairs and caught a bug last week (bad week all round), I also got dinner cooked for me but no rock star treatment as small people were in bed! IMG_3071On Friday we had a dept meeting, we’ve just had some changes so my team sits in a new dept. We had team building exercises and seriously, just shoot me now..IMG_3074Drinks afterwards were fun (although what Jess and Oli were doing here…no clue!)

A weekend of the usual and and extra day and now it’s almost time to go back to work…


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