Friday Links

Happy Friday!

It’s been a busy but less frantic week this week, so here’s some reading material for the weekend!

This looks like a much better idea than the bloody garden bridge (and it’s not asking for public money!)

Although there’s a outdoor swimming pond/art installation just around the corner from work right now.

John Harris on the Labour Party.

To state the blindingly obvious, Labour is a party of the industrial age, which has been storing up this crisis for a decade, at least. Largely devoid of the battalions of organised labour that once provided its organisational and electoral muscle, it has become a shadow party run by an ever tinier clique of politicians drawn from ever narrower backgrounds

 Stop asking your doctor for antibiotics. I know but the man on the radio said if we could get our use of antibiotics under contract we’d delay the need for new ones for 30 years. We need science to find more but we need to do what we can too.

The Economics of Tidying Up. Interesting.

This is also interesting but probably best not read while eating. You’ve been warned! The truth about poo.

Every Day is (Not) a Disaster. Barry Lyga is wise (again) and I think this can be applied to non-parenting disaster days (and weeks) as well

 Gin is taking over the world.  Which reminds me, World Gin Day is on the 13 June!


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