Green Sauce

I originally made this to go with roasted pork belly, where it was a great foil to the fatty pork, but there was quite a bit left over and I do hate waste! So, I’ve put it in a cheese sandwich, I grated some parmesan into it and mixed it through pasta as a sort of pesto, I’ve put it in corn and black bean tacos, I’ve dolloped it in soups and I’ve used it on pizza instead of red sauce

2015/02/img_2745.jpgIn all things it has been delicious, although I’m incapable of taking a photo of it, where it looks as good as it tastes! It lasts a fair amount of time in the fridge (the longest I’ve left it is 2 and a half weeks!)


4 cloves of garlic

a bunch of mint

a bunch of basil

a bunch of parlsey

a tablespoon of djion mustard

a tablespoon of capers

olive oil


Throw everything except the olive oil into a food processor and blend, gradually add olive oil until it’s a bit soupy.

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