Growing up, my family didn’t really follow the food traditions of those around us. We did not do roast dinners every Sunday because it was ‘too much work’, we didn’t eat turkey at Christmas ’cause no one really liked it and so on. Sure we had our own food traditions, just ask my brother about Dad cooking corned beef hash (it was not a success!).

The one thing we did do like every other family, was pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. In fact, it was the one time that Dad did cook successfully though I think Ma actually made the batter and washed up – this weekend we were watching a Mickey Flannagan thing and he stated that his Dad did nothing, “came in, put his money on the table, walked around in his pants” and it was funny because I know that house, I grew up in it! However Dad did make the pancakes and we ate them savoury, with mince in the middle and cheese melted on top and sweet, with banana and sugar (me) and lemon juice and sugar (everyone else).

Tonight I will be making traditional pancakes, which I’m going to fill with a vegetable and chickpea sauce and cover in cheese but you can make American style fluffy ones if the British flat ones aren’t your thing.

Other good recipes to try are this one from The Usual Saucepans and Scotch pancakes from Utterly Scrummy and the perfect crepe from Felicity Cloak in the Guardian

The only sad thing is that I can’t eat them all, right now….

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