Food this week – the still not feeling very well edition

I’ve been back at work since Monday and although I am feeling much better than I did last week, I’m still not 100%.

My daily routine consists of getting up, going to work, coming home, eating dinner and being in bed by 9pm. I am officially no fun. Mostly though, I’m just really, really tired, the dark circles under my eyes are really bad and I’m on the not positive side of grumpy, sorry everyone that has to deal with me in real life! The plus side of the hacking cough is that you can hear me coming and run away!

One of the not so great aspects of feeling tired and sick, is the desire to eat all the high sugar ‘comfort’ foods I can lay my hands on and to slump discontentedly into the sofa. I know this and I know long term that this doesn’t in any way help me get to the place were I don’t feel tired and sick.  Although I don’t feel up to getting to the gym, I’ve been trying and mostly succeeding in getting my 10,000 steps a day because if I’m going to feel exhausted then I want to at least have done something for it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABecause I knew I wouldn’t be up for cooking this week, I’ve deliberately kept my menu plan to low effort and as healthy as possible so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat all the sugar. I wanted to make sure I got a hefty amount of vegetables into me, I can’t remember who said it but the person who pointed out that when you’re sick for a while and cooking is an effort, often all the food you eat seems to be beige, there’s something in that, last week, I mostly ate toast!

Breakfasts have been greek yoghurt or smoothies. Snacks have been clementines or fruit from work. Lunches, apart from Tuesday when I was out for a work thing have looked something like this minus the grapes, the chocolate and the ham! LunchBecause cutting up veggies is easy in my ‘weakened’ state and oatcakes and hummus don’t need to be thought about too hard. Dinner has been soup and some of the bread I baked at the weekend.DSCF2022That’s pretty much it. Not featured are the chocolate buttons that I have after dinner because treats are important.

Given that I haven’t spent more than 30 minutes a day preparing all the food I eat in a day, I think it’s pretty balanced. I’m drinking loads of water and herbal tea and while I’m all for the comforting warmth of a hot toddy, I think it makes it harder for me to stay asleep, so I’ve been avoiding alcohol completely.

So that’s food in my life this week. Not terribly exciting to eat or cook but helps me function.

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