Friday Links

Happy Friday, people. I’ve returned to normal this week, five days at work, regular bedtimes and general pottering. It feels good but I’m really pleased to have got to Friday!

1. Not having a TV means that the annual Christmas advert frenzy does rather pass me by. This however, sums up how I feel about the Sainsburys ad this year. Just no.

2. Cerys Matthews on Christmas songs. I have an answer to that!

3. Why campaigns to put ‘Christ back into Christmas’ aren’t very Christian.

4. Why the poor stay poor. This isn’t just a US problem.

5. Overcoming the ‘horror’ of state school education.

6. The US Armed Services Editions during WWII, fascinating but I really object to Americans claiming they won the Second World War. I doubt it could have been done without them but I’m pretty that Britain and the Russians had something to do with it too!

7. Tale of two Brooklyns. You could write very similar articles about most neighbourhoods in London.

8. The National Mood. This is about Australia but I feel it also applies here. Replace Tony with David and Nick!

9. This is an old article and I know that I link a lot to stuff about abortion. This does matter though, because I’ve walked through a crowd of anti-choice protesters to get into a clinic. It’s not pleasant. They came running up to me, telling me not to ‘kill my baby’ and calling me other lovely names. It had already been a horrible couple of weeks, being constantly physically sick, feeling really bloody stupid and all the trauma around sorting out the appointment and the money, telling the relevant people what was going on and trying to sort out leave from work. I had thought about it, I had gone over all the options, I was exercising my legal right and these people who didn’t know who I was, or what I was going through felt that they had some kind of divine right to call me a murderer. It made a difficult time, worse, if I had been by myself, I wouldn’t have been able to get into the clinic. That was 20 years ago and it’s worse now. For the religious protesters offering to pray for me, I’d just say (and do everytime I see them) Jesus had a lot to say about people who judge others (Matthew 7) but was silent on the topic of abortion, so maybe I’ll pray for you.

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